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I would say....

1. "Known" worlds like Naboo, Geonosis or even Mustefar.
2. A choice to become a Jedi or Sith(Like a Jedi academy and Sith academy) or none.
3. Custom lightsaber building.
4. Choosing your species =)
5. A better story and ending.
6. Your choices effect the story alot.

This is kinda what I think...

Originally Posted by Chevron 7 locke View Post
I'd like to see some of the old party members show up in some way or form, like a mention of Mission, some item that once belonged to Juhani, that sort of thing
Oh yes! That would be great! Like they talk of the old legends!
Or they find Bastila's holocron or Mission's kids and stuff. Mission has to come back!!!

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