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Originally Posted by Kha
Hi Jolly Boots....

Yes you can merge meshes from different files, at least it works with underwear models, what I usually do is open the body model I want, import the mesh part I need, with the body model selected I attach the mesh part, then delete the unwanted parts. The only problem is that you will need to fix some bone weights, and the smooth groups doesn't work with Mdlops....
Do you think you can go into depth with the bone weights? Since thats basically what I was asking how to do in the first place. :P

You see, what I'm doing is something I brought up some time ago. I'm going to make Attons vest removable and Miras jacket removable. So I figured I would switch Attons torso with the underwear model torso and Miras arms and torso with the dancer model torso (the only other model with the same cleavage) and underwear model arms. The models in the end, will be replacing unused KOTOR I models and take over the Clothing item while the regular ones with vest and jacket will remain the specialized clothes.
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