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Yes I can, but before fixing the bone weights you need have the model done, because if you you need add or remove vertex, GMax will recalculate the bone weights and change it, messing it again.

I did the same thing you wanna do with Mira and Atton to Carth, I remodeled his underwear body model and attached to it his pants, boots and Canderous belt, and it is working fine , the only problem is that I have this seam at the back of his arms because of Mdlops.

Once I get the model done I do a kind of animation.... select each bone, rotate it with the local in the reference system coordinate, and add keys for it, for example, I select the arm bone set a key at frame 1, rotate it to make the arm goes down set another key at frame 4, and then I copy the first key at frame 7. If you play the animation it will lower the arm and returns it to the original position...I do it for all his bones, at different frames, doing most of the movements the body parts would do, this way I can see where the deformation is working or not, once I find a vertex the deformation doesn't look good I change the weight bone for that vertex...

I could go deeper on the explanation, but don't know how much you have done already....and it is much easier to understand while you work on it....

So I guess the first thing is getting your model done and test it in the game to see if there is some mesh problems, and spot where the bones are not working right.... then you could start fixing the bones weights.

That is it for now...

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