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Thanks Jeckel,

This model is not to make Carth look smart, but yummy !! Anyway, I'm working on a mod to give Carth different cloths and underwear for Kotor I and II.


Hi Jolly, I'm following you here....

I would do a few different steps from you...

1. Once you have the upper body mesh... I would delete the skin modifier using the trash can in the modifier list with the skin modifier selected, because Atton's bone will mess with the mesh once it is imported to the other file anyway, and then I would save this file:

2. Reset Gmax and import Atton model, it is not a good idea use the same file because it will import the bones of the underwear model and Atton body model. Now I select the Torso_geo, RArm_Geo, LArm_Geo, JacketFlapNew and ShirtFlapNew, hide everything else and do a Selection Set with those meshes (select everything and give it a name, for example cloths) to make the selection of these meshes easier, if you want you can make selections for bones and another for helpers it is a good idea... if you don't get it take a look in this Uvmap tutorial I've done for a friend.

3. Now using File->Merge the file with the underwear mesh and select the torso.

4. Select the Torso_Geo, with editable mesh highlighted in the modifier list select element, enable the attach button and click the underwear mesh.

5. Torso_geo and underwear is one big mesh now.... unhide all the bones and change the system coordinate from view to local, because I want the bones to rotate using their axis and not the viewport axis.

6. Select all the bones and press CTRL X to make them a little transparent, let's see if the bones are still affecting the the bone from the torso,torsoUpr_g, and rotate it around the y see that the jacket moves but not the underwear mesh... we need add the bone weights for the underwear vertices, press CTRL Z to undo the rotation.

7. Let's delete Atton's shirt to see his underwear and then we can fix the bone weights...with editable mesh enabled, we highlight element and select all parts of his shirt and delete it, we hide the object ShirtFlapNew too. But before going on it is a good idea model the mesh the way you want it, export it to the game to see if it is at least working without any crash, and then, when all the modeling and texture painting is done we can fix the bones weight.


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