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Maybe one that has all sorts of Psychonauts missions, only in the end for Raz to wake up and find that he's still holding the pamphlet for the camp. 1)He never went there and his dad gives him the talk on being psychic. 2)He's just another kid reading a comic about psychic agents and superheroes, etc.
Expanding on the never woke up from Meat Circus idea: His brain is separate from Oleander's, but is traumatized (Oly was a master). Instead of playing as Raz, you play as other campers and trainers (I'd like to see hear Bobby Zilch's comments as he runs through Raz' head).
Okay, I'd rather have Raz, the new official Psychonaut, doing those missions...a mad scientist trying to release chem weapons, actually fighting off real enemy agents (yeah, they'll be a lot taller than him), and maybe mini-mind controls where he zips into an enemy peon's head (say a gate guard) to take control. Nothing too long/major with them.

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