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It would help if 'marriage' was definitively equal to 'civil union' across the board. But it isn't, meaning that gay couples have to go after marriage rights because the ones afforded to them under civil unions are not equal.
Specifically which ones? And if you can get a judiciary to sanction "gay marriage", how is it that they can't make the two equal by judicial fiat (or at least in states where the judges have decided it's ok)? They've proven in CA that they are pretty adept at overriding the will of the people as expressed through the ballot box. It's also not unheard of for "activist" judges to override legislatures when they think they've gone too far for that judges taste. So, if civil unions are made equal under the law to marriages in terms of legal rights, what harm (legally)? What you're really battling for is not just acceptance but societal norming of certain behavior. That will take longer than the acts of a few judges or even legislators. You need to change an entire culture(or significant majority of it) for that to take place. I'm sure the polygamists and others are watching this with baited breath. Afterall, if two gay adults can "marry" than why stop there.

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