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Originally Posted by Rogue Nine View Post
Appeal to Tradition. Fail.
I expect this kind of faulty reasoning out of Garfield, but I gave you much more credit than that, Totenkopf. Perhaps I was mistaken to do so.
In any case, slippery slope fallacy. Fail.
Well, I didn't make the same mistake with you. Your's is agenda driven, not as rational as you claim. Now, since I wasn't talking about pedophiles (I cited polygamists), would you like to try again? You can't RATIONALLY deny the polygamist the right to marry multiple partners if you remove the gender barrier as well if all the consenting adults in that relationship are willing.

Your gibe about appeal to tradition is also misplaced. I merely stated the truth. Anytime you wish to truly move society from one type of behavior to another, you HAVE to convince a large enough portion of it that your way is better. So far, you haven't.

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