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Originally Posted by Rogue Nine View Post
Are you ****ing kidding me? Pedophiles prey on children and take away their rights and by doing so commit crimes. Gay couples in love do not violate anyone's rights by being homosexual. This is a terrible and inaccurate analogy. I expected something low out of you, Garfy, but not this low. Good job.

So just shut the hell up with your horribly bigoted thinking.
Originally Posted by SkinWalker View Post
The argument that allowing same sex partners to marry is akin to pedophilia is ignorant and irrational fallacy meant only to malign and argue ad hominem with a straw man rather than to demonstrate a rational reason for disallowing same-sex marriage. One does not permit or allow the other and only the ignorant or the disingenuous would maintain such a position.
Also QFE.
Originally Posted by Rogue Nine View Post
I expect this kind of faulty reasoning out of Garfield, but I gave you much more credit than that, Totenkopf. Perhaps I was mistaken to do so.
Unfortunately, Niner, you were indeed mistaken.
Originally Posted by Totenkopf View Post
Now, since I wasn't talking about pedophiles (I cited polygamists), would you like to try again?
Sorry, but that still doesn't do your argument any good.
Originally Posted by Totenkopf
Your gibe about appeal to tradition is also misplaced. I merely stated the truth.
Doesn't make it 'misplaced'. Just because your fallacy may have some truth to it does not make it a logically sound argument. Sorry though.

Originally Posted by Totenkopf
Anytime you wish to truly move society from one type of behavior to another, you HAVE to convince a large enough portion of it that your way is better. So far, you haven't.
Luckily that's not what we're discussing. We're talking about whether or not gay marriage should or should not be legalized. Whereas you are discussing why it has not yet been nationally legalized.


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