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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
Under that rational letís outlaw marriage altogether, because there is no rational reason to deny polygamy now.
You basically got the point. I'm not worried about anyone turning polygamist, hetero or homo. This whole thread really boils down to a question of fairness in the eyes of some people. Shouldn't homosexuals have the right to marry other homosexuals? However, current law does grant heteros and homos the same marry someone of the opposite sex. It may seem harsh to some, but it's not unfair. When the question becomes why can't same marry same, it continues to beg other questions, regardless of how some people feel about that fact. And keep in mind.....nowhere do I talk about a slippery slop to pedophilia (doesn't involve consenting adults), that's merely the irrational and hysterical jump made by some of those arguing with me. So, even if you want to argue that the "decent" thing to do is to change the law to reflect contemporary progressive ideas, nobody is getting preferential treatment insofar as the current law is concerned.

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