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Okay, lets go over the main three arguments and refutations that we have been over again and again through out the thread in a nutshell:

The "gay marage will lead to Polygamist and child marrages" argument:
-slippery slope fallacy.
-children cannot give informed consent while adults can.
-polygamy is more prone to abuse and neglect and abuse than gay and strait marrages are.
-countries where gay marrrage are allowed have not led to polygamy and child marrages

The "gays shouldn't marry becuase thay can't make babies" argument:
-Marrage isn't solely for the purpose of babies.
-they can adopt
-Infertle people cant have babies either, so would you ban them from marrage?

The "being adopted by gays will make the adopted children gay" argument:
-unsupported assertion

Theese are the most recycled arguments exchanged in this long thread. Can Garfeild and his Friends refute the listed refutations above and go from there instead of restating the same arguments?

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