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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
So can a Lesbian couple, so you are alright with Lesbian marriage?
Well consider this, while radical feminists want this, do you particularly want men to no longer have a purpose for existing?

I imagine most guys wouldn't mind lesbians having affairs though despite being married to a guy, heck I doubt most guys would even be jealous.

Originally Posted by Achilles
The truth is that there are no solid arguments against gay marriage. That's why we get the same rhetoric over and over again. Also see: abortion, religion, etc.
There is no valid reason for gay marriage either, in fact I can argue gay marriage is discriminatory to straight people. Gay people can marry with a heterosexual right now and still carry on their love life, heck they don't even have to marry right now and many insurance companies will carry their partner.

If two straight people try to get together and file for joint insurance, if they aren't married they can't put their partner on the coverage. Classic discrimination.
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