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Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
There is no valid reason for gay marriage either
Sure there is. Without a valid reason to prohibit it, the practice is discriminatory and therefore an equal rights violation. If there is a valid reason, then I'd love to hear what it is, however I'm going to pull another Carnac and predict that we're only going to see more rhetoric.

Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
in fact I can argue gay marriage is discriminatory to straight people. Gay people can marry with a heterosexual right now and still carry on their love life, heck they don't even have to marry right now and many insurance companies will carry their partner.

If two straight people try to get together and file for joint insurance, if they aren't married they can't put their partner on the coverage. Classic discrimination.
Errr, your "beef" with insurance company policy has absolutely nothing to do with systematic discrimination carried out by the government.
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