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Originally Posted by SD Nihil View Post
As far as gay marriage is concerned we need to have an amendment that every eight to twelve years, or however long it'd be till a new group of voters that have turned eighteen would vote on it. All at once every state individually would vote to either have gay marriage or not.
This is the most backward and asinine idea I have ever encountered.

Originally Posted by SD Nihil View Post
If you marry in a state, are of the same gender, and lets say that state were to afterwards ban gay marriage. It shouldn't mean your marriage is invalid. And you should be able to re-marry in all states regardless of a ban on gay marriage. Besides re-marrying is simply a reafirming of the decision you both already made. You both already have a civil union. It'd make no sense to say your married at one point and not at others.
I stand corrected.

So ever.****ing.year you would would vote to either make gay marriage legal or illegal? That is in no way how lawmaking is made. How on earth is that idea

a) Valid
b) Based on the legal precedents of the USA
c) not completely contrived??

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