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Originally Posted by SD Nihil View Post
Thanks for your input. That's what I'm saying I do think there needs to be an amendment that gives both sides a chance, but at the same time doesn't disenfranchise same sex couples already married. I want to be fair. You have a better idea please share. It was just an idea. I'm just trying to think of some way to make it fair for both sides while trying to make the wishes of the majority count while at the same time giving others a chance next time. If you think the time between each vote should be lengthened please tell what you'd have it be. Let's hear your idea that makes it fair for both sides.
How is this unfair for the other side?

How about... just let same-sex marriage pass and stay?

I think its plenty fair considering opposite sex couples are literally losing nothing in law.

Moral and religious reasons I don't think the Government should cater to. The people being treated "unfairly" are those who's personal beliefs are getting in the way of the law and constitution and frankly, Separation of Church makes many of those opinions void anyway.

So you'll have to clear up for me what exactly the other side is losing in this situation.
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