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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
Let’s face it; the real reason Homosexual Marriage is not equal protection under the law because a certain segment of the population still uses degrade terms towards homosexuals to justify discrimination. I really don’t know which is sadder, people degrading others, people believing the degradation to justify the status quo or that we have learned nothing in 150 years.
I thought it was because a majority of people just find it "icky"
I do not agree that it is on par with slavery, unless you think it's the equivalent of being socially acceptable to beat, starve, work near to death GLBT persons. It is however along the lines of the discrimination of the 1960's. When it was not considdered acceptable to see an interracial couple. So it's 50 years rather than 150 years... Which doesn't make it all that much better, but it's more accurate.

On a side note, I have heard more gay men talking about their experiences... That's something I can do without. Then again, I don't want to hear about straight couples intimate moments either. And don't tell me I have to watch this movie or I'm homophobic. No, the movie was boring(I tried, it bored me to tears). It wasn't about what I wanted to see. I don't watch touchy feely movies either. No car chases, big action sequences, people getting disemboweled, and no gunfights.. NOT MY KIND OF MOVIE! Just because it has a story about gays does not mean that if I don't watch it I'm homophobic.

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