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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
Since this is a PG 13 forum, I really don't think it would be appropriate for me to link degrading remarks that puts down Homosexual. I understand some will not find surprising where many of these remarks are coming from, but it saddens me many are coming from my fellow Christians.
Id agree, but discrimination is discrimination and that we are still using the same arguments to attempt to justify it is on par with slavery.

Id also suggest looking at FBI website for Statistics on Hate-Crimes.
Good point. Many disagree on religious grounds and well that's about the most legitimate(though still wrong). And I know we're pretty well in agreement on the discrimination bit. I just think it hurts the argument when it's placed equivalent to slavery. It could however hold water as the equivalent of the civil rights movement as it more closely ties in with that. Burning crosses, lynchings, beatings, and of course not giving equal protections... so yeah it's about there.

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