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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
There may be some misunderstanding of the argument. In my opinion slavery and denial of Homosexual marriage are not equal, but the misrepresentations used to justify enslaving African-Americans or as you pointed out justifying discrimination against them since the end of slavery are comparable to people saying it is justifiable to discriminate against Homosexuals today. The opinion that one wrong is less severe than another has nothing to do with the argument.
Ah, I get it.. you aren't talking so much about slavery as an equal to the unfairness given to homosexuality. You are saying that similar arguments are used between the two. And by extension how those arguments persisted through the years even after slavery was abolished to justify unfair civil rights protections.

I can agree to that. To be honest though. people justify a lot of things through whatever means is available.

Oh and I have to mention that it sickens me the most to see Christians doing this. They should not be the ones judging people as immoral. We are all sinners. You know, that whole, "let he who is without sin cast the first stone" thing... If you even believe that homosexuality is a sin(though there are passages that suggest that, but then so is casting your seed upon the ground). But at any rate, they are supposed to be accepting of all. turn the other cheek... turn a blind eye...

It's never my business to meddle in other people's business. Even if I myself find it gross. I'm sure there are things that I do that others would consider gross, weird, strange, or whatever(no specifics, too adult for PG13). Not my business. Definitely not the government's business. So restricting a relationship based on perceived normal behavior is just not right.

The majority of those opposed to gay marriage are hypocrites. Unless they strictly have intercourse for the purposes of procreation(I'm sure there are some... what boring people they must be)... they are hypocrites. Would all the women who oppose it appreciate if their husband left them because they could not have a child? Or how about the men if they are unable... Chances are they would be upset. Because they marry not for procreation, but love. That's all that the homosexual couples want. The ability to be hounded by their lover into getting married to prove that it's really love(hehe just kidding). They just want to be able to marry the one they love just like the rest of us. Just like the black man who wanted to marry a white woman he loved. Or the white man wanting to marry the black woman he loved.

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