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Originally Posted by jawathehutt View Post
I cant remember, did IGF play on ER until vis managed to completely destroy it?

Really short answer:
Yes. Yes we did.

Relatively short answer:
Yes, but before we even got into ER, we had already sort of grown past the need for it. We participated, but not very much, and not for very long.

Long and painfully detailed answer:
IGF did participate at ER, but very sparingly. The desired approach to arranging and playing matches just didn't really work out for us: very few of our members had the patience to arrange balanced teams for competitive play (they'd rather just jump out on the servers and play with whoever was already out there). Besides that, we had enough going on every week to keep everyone more than occupied, and there've always been enough members that any IGF-only event was always well-populated enough that the servers were rarely empty.

In terms of competition, our weekly Events are tracked through BattleStats.Com, and those who want to try to put their best foot forward to see how they stack up against everyone else have the statistics available to them to see how they're doing. The Stats can also be sorted by Division, so the Companies can push themselves to work hard, and in that sense, can almost act as independent mini-clans within IGF on a week-to-week basis to see how they measure up compared to everyone else.

Of course, we take advantage of that feature and run official internal (IGF-Only) competitive events regularly with trophies and awards issued to the winners.

ER would have been great for relations with other clans, but for the most part, we were already saturated with our internal schedule.
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