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Well seeing as how I only joined this site in 07... Kinda hard for me to go back in time to 1996 and point out the bad policies I was criticizing then. Or how much I disliked the Republicans up until late 01 in which I simply shut my mouth for the most part. In 2000 I didn't want Bush because congress was Republican controlled. I voted for Gore. But I'm just a partisan hack. In 04 I wanted the dems to give us a good candidate to vote for. They instead opted for someone that I couldn't get behind.

First off the economy was starting to decline as early as March of 2000. Clinton's economic team did not adjust for the change in growth. So the economy looked better than it was.

actually the NASDAQ looked better coming out of 08 than it did coming out of 2000.

I think it's obvious who the partisan hack is in this thread. It isn't me.

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