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Please specify which points I did not address.. Bullet points preferably. Your Proof by Innundation™ make it very difficult to address all points.

Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
Really, you don’t want to go with who left the economy in better shape between George W Bush and Bill Clinton. Do you? Seriously one is normal business cycle and the other is looking more and more like an implosion. Even Carter left the economy in better shape than George W Bush. I’d consider finding another line of reasoning, because of just going by debt and consumer credit anyone can prove the economy Bush inherited was extremely better than the economy he left behind.

The money never trickled down; maybe if we gave Bush another 8 years he would have succeeded.
Actually a better indicator would be the DOW since it encompasses a greater range of companies. That definitely shows a worse situation now than at the end of the Clinton years. And honestly we can't just point at one party and say "It's all your fault" because the reality is it's both their fault. And again, as I have said before, the economy does better when congress and the president are at odds with eachother. IE Clinton years as opposed to Bush years.

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