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It was a tournament site for a bunch of games, back when I was in DS/TR/DR we used Battlestats and ER, battlestats eventually stopped hosting battlefront tournies or died or something, it was sort of declining when I joined DS in 2005, it hosted a bunch of star wars game tournies. Elliptical Realms was the site that a lot of clans went to when Battlestats started to weaken in popularity. For a while it was well modded and other than TAW coming up with the most insane excuses for not playing, it was pretty fair. Then RAGE Visualizer got mod spot. Long story short, the site went straight to hell. After they banned a bunch of the best TR/DE/DR people along with some of Vis's supporters who had had a single word vocabulary, blackballing. If someone didnt want to play with them, regardless of reason, that person was blackballing to them. And so they would go cry to Vis and vis would try and abuse his power by banning the supposed "blackballer". A forum war erupted, vis deleted every post made by his opponents, did all of this:
To TR:
to DE:
Finally Maelstorm decided that enough **** had happened so he kicked Vis out, who immediately made a petition to have himself reinstated and have TR/DE banned. Mael ignored him so vis went and made a new game service for the 6 or so small clans that had supported him since they had had enough of loosing to the bigger clans. Eventually Mael put up this
"Ecliptical Realms

July 28th, 2003 => December 31th, 2007


I wish to thank all the admins, game directors, mods, and everyone that were part of this site. Thanks again and see you around!


Maelstrom "
And that was that.

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