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Originally Posted by GTA:SWcity View Post
Spectre? He's such a turncoat Dem>Rep>Dem again, I really don't see why you'd welcome him.
Put down the Xbox controller. The man's name is Arlen Specter.

Originally Posted by GTA:SWcity View Post
Taking the money of the Republicans and changing to Democrat mid campaign.
No, the campaign ended years ago. He's in the last third of his term.

Originally Posted by GTA:SWcity View Post
Of course considering how he welcomed the bailout and stimulus packages with open arms, and is whining now that "the right chased him away", I'd say the old fossil did it to further his career. He's 79. It was loooking doubtful he'd get in as a Republican.
Limbaugh or Hannity? Both?

Originally Posted by GTA:SWcity View Post
YES! I'd love ever so much for someone to bash his skull in--if I may make a suggestion: impale him with a cactus first. Jackals like him DO tend to run away.
Quick! Name one position that Al Franken has taken on any issue (without leaving this page or phoning a friend)?

Can't do it? Then wtf are you talking about?

Originally Posted by GTA:SWcity View Post
Bull****? This is like the 2nd or 3rd recount. It was Franken losing by 500 votes at election night, now he's winning by 200? 700 votes clean out of nowhere. Now THAT is bull****.
Try "first". This was an automatic recount that was required by state law due to the extremely low margin between the two candidates.

Votes didn't mysteriously appear "out of nowhere". The purpose of a recount is to establish as precise a count as possible and diminish the margin of error which is inherent to any election. Both sides have presented challenges to some category of ballot or another. These challenges are decided by election officials and/or judges, therefore some ballots aren't "counted" until after a court has ruled on them, which can sometimes cause dramatic swings.

In other words, please consider knowing what you're talking about before going off half-cocked. Thanks in advance.
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