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I don't think a C&D would be too much of an issue. The New Era mod for Half Life 2 hasn't had any problems, and one of their mod members has even been to the LucasArts studio and told them about it and they said it was fine.
There is a difference between a starwars themed mod and a replica of a commercial game. If you're just going to make a mod/game that looks a bit like jedi academy, then its all fine. If you're, however, going to replicate the game itself, as in, close to making a copy/clone, thats where copyright comes in.

At the heart of this, I am just making an open source shooter that happens to also have sword support.
If thats the case then it should all be just fine ^_^, good luck with it though o.o you're talkin about a rather big undertaking here.
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