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Originally Posted by jawathehutt View Post
battlestats eventually stopped hosting battlefront tournies or died or something.
BattleStats.Com ended up getting a very painful facelift: the time it took for them to turn it over to their new "VSE" system (Variable Statistic Events) caused alot of clans to pick up and move on: there was only one programmer, so it took a long time to get bugs sorted out (they also had a tough time getting volunteers to help run the site, so administration was relatively poor around that time as well).

They've picked it up again, though.. The VSE system still technically isn't complete, but it's functional for week-by-week purposes (save for a lack of stat compilation within profiles). IGF is using it exclusively for its weekly Events, and there's enough control at the club level to appoint administrators for Events fairly easily (actual BSC Administration has been mucho helpful the last year or so as well).

We put in a couple hundred rounds on their system every week, and we get into "fun" events every now and then with a handful of other clans that are still kickin around on there. Communication and interaction is still minimal between clans, but I'm still blaming the game's terrible social interaction tools for that.

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Is this the same Visualizer with DJO (RGF)?
I think it is, but I don't know for sure.
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