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Whoa. I always like these discussions. Cool thread.

Yeah, busy work is always what seemed to frustrate me in school. I'm happy that now the frustrating, tedious busy work is up to machine precision that is not nearly as subject to fatigue errors. Scientists can get to the good stuff. The complex conundrums.

[Speculative wishing] Would it not be such a grand thing to have some kind of convenient interface giving a sudden boost to one's own intelligent computing? [/HK-47]

I can imagine at some point, though, our progress surge is going to hit a margin where it will taper off. Then soon it will hit a dead stop...assuming other things have not failed first. But not to spoil the moment, let us ride the surge sky high and enjoy it!!!

Still, I can just imagine what this means. A simple visor computer, for say, a welder. You could see in real time all sorts of little things how to go about making those tricky welds, compute the stresses it is likely to encounter...and a bazillion other things I could mention but won't for it would detract too much from the subject at hand.

This is just, so amazing I can't even begin to think of all the wonderful things, uses and interfaces that this breakthrough could possibly mean. Not to mention the vastly tremendous increases in performance and work quality this could lead to. Seriously I am already abuzz with little devices that probably will be made now with on board computer systems. Kind of like all those bands and visors in the KOTOR games.

A jeweler could analyze shatter points of gems quicker. Safety inspectors no longer needing mechanical/structural engineering degrees to see a structure is a disaster...before it is ever built or harms thousands...

This has set my brains on fire with all kinds of thoughts of possible uses. Positively tingling!

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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