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Angry Help! "recursive error after MAX_CVARS" (when using OJP Basic & Siege)

So you guys have a new forum, but I thought I'd post here as well in case anyone is reading it, since this problem is really bugging me lately!

Okay I know this is one of those common problems, but I never used to have this problem...

I'm using basejka (JA with the 1.01 patch applied), and OJP Basic v012.

Whenever I try to play Siege, on say, Hoth, or Korriban, I get a crash followed by a MAX_CVARS error every so often. Sometimes it's when I'm adding some bots, other times it's when I win the match, other times it happens right when I pick a class and join in. It seems to happen randomly, and it's super annoying. It used to happen every time I tried to exec a certain cfg file I made (which just added four bots, with custom names on teams). I figured the cfg was to blame, so I removed it from my base. But the problem persisted...

Just to give some details:

I DID google it, and the suggestions I've been given included reinstalling JA in a fresh directory after uninstalling (tried that, no dice).

It was suggested that delete my extraneous cfg files in my base folder (no effect), or delete all my extra pk3 files (tried that) in my base folder.

I tried deleting jampconfig.cfg and starting over with settings. I tried removing my autoexec.cfg (with my preferred settings). I tried combination of the above. Still getting the errors.

I have tried running OJP the "correct way" via the batch file with OJP in a mod folder. I have tried just putting the two OJP pk3 files into my base and just starting up JAMP.exe, still the same problem.

I'm using "create a server" on my home PC (I have no rented server space at this time). I'm running Windows 2000 professional (with all latest updates), 256 mb ram, AMD AthlonXP 1800+ (I know, it's old, can't afford an upgrade yet), ati all in wonder 9600 (latest drivers), DX 9.0a, cable internet.

I can play FFA or PowerDuel with bots until the cows come home... no problems. I've joined servers (with a couple of people) on Duel and played for a bit, no problem. But Siege brings up the ugly MAX_CVARS glitch seemingly every time.

Any help? Is there an update for OJP?

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