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The Psychonauts PC port was excellent quality-wise, but its sales were abysmal from what I've heard. It's no surprise that EA wouldn't put Brutal Legend on the PC (and honestly I don't think they will) due to heavy piracy. Publishers find it hard to justify spending all kinds of money on a proper PC port for a console game when mass downloading always makes the sales significantly less than the console versions. I don't expect the Wii port to be very good at all, but it has the potential to get the game to a lot of people that otherwise wouldn't have played it. It's probably best that you're willing to spring for one of the two target consoles.

The decision of whether or not to buy a PS3 or a 360 largely depends on which system has the most games you're interested in. I'm sure Brutal Legend will be equally good on both of those systems (or if there is a difference, it will be marginal), so it's really up to you. Do some research on each console's library and see which one appeals to you more. I can recommend the Wii as a console, but not as a console to play Brutal Legend on.

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