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Hey Kurgan! You sound like you have a strange problem there. You've tried everything I can think of. Its sounds like corrupt files, but you seems to have addressed that already. This is a question for Razorace. I don't think anyone from the currant OJP has done anything to OJP basic or a year or two so I doubt they will be able to help much.

In other news, sadly for OJP Enhanced (now Jedi Knight Enhanced) the team is losing interest and will probably retire after the next release to work on another project. I've been mostly retired myself, but I'd hate to see it go. If you know any good coders who like ojp enhanced and want to take up working on it, let me know. It has a pretty decent following these days compared to previous times.

Heh, I got an award while I was away! Woo hoo!

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