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Originally Posted by Darth Eclipse View Post
Okay, for one, Jesus was not a "cult leader." Two, He did not perform sorcery or magic.
1.) He is alleged by biblical mythology to have set and/or maintained standards of worship and ritual and that he had a following. By that alone it's apparent that he was a cult leader... I don't understand the objection...

2.) We're in agreement. I, too, don't think he performed sorcery and magic since such silliness doesn't appear to exist in reality. It is, however, alleged that he did in biblical mythology, which is one of the reasons I assert that the Jesus of biblical mythology (as told in biblical mythology) didn't actually exist, maintaining instead that a cult leader of the time may have existed and may have been named Jesus (or Yesua, or any other name) and the myth could be based on this cult leader.

Originally Posted by Darth Eclipse View Post
The christian community can and does verify its claims that Jesus existed. Where have you been?
Where does it do this within the framework of reality?

There is tons of proof supporting Jesus' existence and that he was the messiah and that he performed miracles.
I'd be interested in seeing a few ounces of this "tons of proof."

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