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Originally Posted by SD Nihil View Post
Whether or not Jesus existed or not is truly subjective. So Skinwalker that is my position. Now I know it isn't the typical position for a topic like this such as arguing he existed, or that he didn't exist. But you can have a third position that it is subjective. Again that is my position.
Its okay to say, "I don't know." But it looks like that isn't what you're doing. It looks like you're saying that Jesus (as depicted in biblical mythology) can exist or not exist depending upon the individual. That simply isn't the case nor is it rational.

It would be akin to stating that the existence of Peter Pan is subjective. The existence of this person doesn't change or fluxuate depending upon the individual. Either Pan existed or he didn't. To assert that he did implies certain qualities about Peter Pan that are either in reality or they aren't. If they aren't, and exist only in story and legend, then the Peter Pan of the story exists only in Disney Lore and not in reality.

If, however, we can demonstrate that a person once lived and stopped aging in a place called Never, Never Land; could fly with pixie dust; and defeated a pirate -then we have qualities that fit the story of Peter Pan and its reasonable to apply them to the story, making the central character a reality.

Likewise, with Jesus, there are qualities about this alleged messiah that make up the character. Its easy enough to show that the name Jesus in its original Hebrew was in use during the first century BCE. Its easy enough to show that religious superstitions and political agendas existed among the Hebrew people of the region at the same time. It is, then, easy to conclude that a person named Jesus created a cult following based on these superstitions.

However, what cannot be shown, is that the person above -who may have inspired the myth that followed, actually performed the deeds mentioned in biblical mythology. Indeed, enough of these deeds, actions and accounts are contradictory, improbable and irrational so as to demonstrate that such a person almost certainly did not exist.

Therefore, the existence or non-existence of Jesus, the alleged christ, is not a subjective position.

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