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Originally Posted by Totenkopf View Post
This appears to become where it's all subjective. Almost precludes taking any absolute position either way.
Allow me to clarify: I use "almost certainly" in the same way I would say that the Earth almost certainly revolves around the sun. Or, the ball I throw in the air will almost certainly be affected by gravity. Therefore, my usage is subjective only so far as there always exists possibilities based on information I'm not yet aware of. Perhaps Vogons will arrive and clear our fair planet from the intergalactic space lanes invalidating both assumptions. I doubt it, but this remains a possibility however remote.

Perhaps our friend at the top of the page will return with his "proofs," but, again, I doubt it. And, again, this remains a possibility, however, remote. And, as such, I can only say that Jesus, as depicted in biblical mythology, almost certainly did not exist. Regardless of my perception of his existence or non-existence, he did either exist or not exist and, therefore, his existence or non-existence is not subjective. That is to say, his existence or non-existence does not hinge upon my belief in one or the other or on a consensus of belief among a majority populace that follow the Christian superstition.

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