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Name That Game

Heres how you play: You, "the charade", think of a game (any kind...well except the uhh, you know, ones best left behind closed doors ) and give a description of it, concise and to the point but also a little cryptic. You give 2 facts about it, and a hint which you put your own twist on (not something anti-intuitive or unrelated, please. Make it relevant to the game somehow) to lead or mislead everyone else.

Each person gets 3 trys. No chain linking the answers either to fit more in.
Fail 3 trys, you're out (for that game's post).

Whoever gets it first wins. If 5 people fail, "the charade" wins.

If more than 5 reply, those too must be put into consideration: those who also guess correctly win, the rest are shut out. You can elect to do this by re: all and saying "Shut Out!" and the game is over, whoever wins wins, everyone else loses. Unless "the charade" decides to extend it.
To extend it: You must now give out another fact and another hint. Another 5, and so forth.

Anyone breaking a rule or just making a totally obvious n00b error gets either this:

OR this:
Got it? good.
General Example:

Person x "the charade" says:

This game is about capitalism, and keeps.
1) is colorful
2) has multiple iterations and spinoffs
Hint: I own you

Persons a,b,c,y,z reply.

1) Sorry
2) Ginnykub
3) trouble
(everyone guesses something different)

1) Time Lord
2) Space invaders
3) Monopoly

Originally Posted by Y
3) Monopoly

You may post your own 'name that game' anywhere or you may post replies only. All others are spam......or get The Smack laid down on them.

At that, let's begin.

Name this game:
1) It has the colors green and red
2) You can't do it every day or everywhere.
Hint: It's a messy past time.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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