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More than likely the source of your trouble is that on your computer F1 is bound to some other action. I'm not a user of Vista but I'm betting it's similar to the situation with OSX: on a Mac, F1 is bound to dimming the display. If I need to use F1 for a program-specific function (like bringing up a game menu in Residual or ScummVM) I have to press a key labeled fn along with F1 to override the OS keybinding. If there is some symbol on or above the F1 key on your keyboard, then I must be right in thinking it's basically the same on your computer. But I have no idea what other key you would need to press along with F1. It could be a special key like fn, whatever it's Vista label actually is, or it could something standard like ctrl, alt or the Windows key. You could check your OS documentation or just experiment.
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