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Originally Posted by Darth Eclipse View Post
My beliefs will never change, and I highly doubt you guys are intelligent enough to change yours, therefore this topic and this forums is useless. Since this thread is useless I am wasting my valuable time, I am not going to post anything else in the senate chambers for a while. You guys need to find something to do with your lives besides argue about something useless to argue about here
Honestly, I'm sad to see you go. My "beliefs" are all provisional and subject to change, which I readily admit and announce. I need only sufficient evidence to revise them.

It is interesting, though hardly surprising that you so vehemently state your beliefs will never change. This suggests that you have a preconceived conclusion to which you are only interested in that data which are supportive and will ignore, out of hand, any information which contradicts, criticizes or even brings into question your indoctrinated beliefs.

I can appreciate the difficulty of applying critical thought to an issue you've so obviously spent years accepting without question, but not to do so betrays your own reluctance to even consider the positions of others.

You deem the thread and forum "useless" yet leave refutations of your post above untouched and without further rebuttal.

You entered the thread of your own free will and made baseless and unsupported assertions and claims. If you leave now, the only thing you've gained is helping me educate those that might be sitting the fence.

While I appreciate the assistance, I'd much rather engage in intelligent discourse on matters of the archaeological and anthropological history of the Levant as it relates to Jesus the alleged christ and the bible in general.

Thanks for you time all the same and should you choose to return, you are most welcome.

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