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Originally Posted by Totenkopf View Post
Do we though? The problem w/using something like Potter as a comparison is that we know who the author is and that she doesn't claim anything extraordinary about the books, other than perhaps giving their audience an adventure. The Bible, whatever its faults, doesn't fall into that category. Only pointing out that you were making an apples/oranges comparison. If the Bible were as self-evidently fictional as you claim, Christianity would likely have folded long ago and probably have been replaced by something else. Not to mention Judaism. As I already asked, why are you so worked up over it? Especially since people in modern times (at least in the western countries) seem to be moving farther away from theism anyway.
Alright barring Potter, look at Greek mythology or the mythology of other religions. Mythology is created in order to benefit the maker, and clearly, people benefit from the Bible, just like the creators of some Greek myths. Why pick one myth to be the utmost truth and reject the rest? You ask why I'm so worked about it, I thought this was a debate thread, and so I'm trying to engage in it, and I'm glad that many in western nations are moving towards rationality and critical thought (although there is still a ways to go).
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