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....With such an overwhelming consensus among scientists working in fields of biology, climatology, geology, meteorology, etc., all stating that climate change is a real threat...?
Sources? It's easy to make any claim, but if we're to accept this "argument from authority", I'm kinda curious to know how many cooks are stirring that brew. The problem with the global warming argument is that there's been a push to avoid using the label "global warming" and substitute supposedly less polarizing ones like global climate change. Nothing like an innocuous sounding euphemism. Seems like a lot of the mmgw arguments are based on..."but what if....."

That's really strange... it's a .gov site but has the style and format of one of those blogs Garfield used to link. Still, I'll get a chance to look it over later. Thanks for the link.
Is that supposed to make everyone think you're really open minded about this thread?

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