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Originally Posted by Ray Jones View Post
Though not being the leading greenhouse emission, it's still adding its part to a rise of the mean temperature.

Strange, I thought water vapour is usually a result of, err, heat? I mean I'd take a wild guess and claim that the human civilisation is a rather quite exothermic one.

Though not human life, or lifeforms as we know them nowadays. Actually, it appears to be true that we've had higher concentrations of CO2 in our atmosphere, and higher mean temperatures as well. In the past. The distant past, compared to our time here on Earth.

I'm not so sure we'd want to have these conditions back in the here and now.
Again, I think the human aspect of global warming has been so over dramatized that people really need to take a step back.

Water vapor occurs even at relatively low temperatures. Though it does increase as temperatures rise. Anyone who's ever owned a pool can tell you that much.

Cloud cover reflects heat back to the ground. Having spent a few bitter cold nights with no cloud cover to trap in that heat would answer that one.

Meh honestly I'd rather have the warmer temps than the colder temps. It's a lot harder to grow food in a frozen tundra than even a desert with modern water transport

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