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Originally Posted by Totenkopf View Post
Besides, people can overdose on OTC meds on their own, don't need a gun. Or the ever "popular" method....slit your wrists. There are no doubt a plethora of ways to keep from dragging doctors into a scenario.
I still don't understand what a doctor being dragged into this has to do with anything. I did not advocate forcing doctors into perform any procedure they feel unethical or uncomfortable in performing. I want the doctor treating me to be 100% behind whatever procedure they are performing. If however, the doctor concurs with the prognosis, believes in the terminally ill patient’s right to end their suffering and is comfortable with the ethics of the matter, then I believe they should not be prosecute for relieving the persons suffering.

Yes, there are many ways to keep from dragging doctors into the scenario including what I am advocating which would not drag doctors into it. If a doctor choices to participate it would be of their own free will. What you are advocating seems to drag the doctor unwillingly into the scenario by having them treat the patients that fail in their suicide attempt.

If I have to put my pet to sleep I don’t shoot it in the head, I take it to a veterinarian. I just don’t see why a loved one that happens to be human should be treated less humanely than the family dog.

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