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Woke up this morning and decided I wanted to watch Spirited Away... so I did. Revelation time!

I just realized I don't ever watch movies, ever. There are so many DVDs my family has that I've never touched, so I've decided that my time would be better spent catching up rather than just look at random Digg articles for 2 hours per day.

So now I've got multiple podcasts, The Persona 4 Endurance Run, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and now a stack of movies in addition to video games, school work, and work work.

Whooo... maybe I should actually finish the crap I have... I mean, back in January or so my brother and I watched the entire Extra Super Extended cuts of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy together. Just Return of the King alone is 252 minutes long, that's 4 hours and 12 minutes FFS!! I also watched Lawrence of Arabia in two sittings and then The Great Escape (both awesome movies by the way).

Anyway, my guaranteed stack:
Wall-E (I've seen it in theatres, but not a second time)
Slumdog Millionaire
Tropic Thunder
The Incredibles (my fav Pixar movie, wanna watch again)

May or may not stack:
Pirates of the Caribbean 2
Pirates of the Caribbean 3
Monsters Inc. (my third favorite Pixar movie)
Finding Nemo (my fourth)

I should watch these again sometime:
The Great Escape
Lawrence of Arabia
Dirty Harry

Also, when is the Gran Torino DVD gonna come out?



Oh god, this is just reminding me of all the media failures I've had. Books, movies, games, TV shows... awwww gawd.

Books: LotR (read all the way 'til book 4 of 6), Harry Potter (got up to #5), Musashi (half way), Battle Royale (half way), My 30 Year War (half way), Bone (20% perhaps), Yotsuba&! Manga.

Games: Mass Effect, The Witcher, Mirror's Edge, The Sims *cough*, Fallout 3, Zeno Clash, CoD:WaW on PC, Baja EoC, Dark Sector, Lost Odyssey, GTA4 TLaD on 360 (This is really ones I'm "working on" now)

Movies: (Other than the above mentioned, I would like to see more Miyazaki films)

TV: Avatar (I got to the first "funny" episode and was pretty much repulsed after the awesome first couple episodes), House (used to be a big fan, just stopped), ... you know what, I don't care that much for TV shows. Though now I just remembered I think I skipped a few episodes of Full Metal Alchemist... which I watched 5 years ago... This is killing me.

Summer vacation - Please grant me the strength to complete at least a small proportion of these works.

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