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Time for a wee update methinks.

In my infinite wisdom, I managed to delete the Atris > Jocasta Nu skin, so i'll either have to see if J7 still has the copy of it I sent him, or if I can make it again. That's on my list of things to do this week.

Also, i've just finished up with a simple little reskin of the Disciple's clothes. It's nothing uber-wow, but it looks ok, I think.


Progress on the tomb has slowed, i'm afraid, i've done next to nothing with it since my last post. I think I may start the content again, as I wasn't too happy with what I had anyway though.

Last item on the agenda:

Instead of making and releasing a big JK saber pack, i'm making the hilts one at a time, and releasing them that way. The Rahn saber should be uploaded and made available for download fairly soon. Just as soon as I finished with the 'making it upgradeable' malarky.


I've got this week off school, so i'm going to hopefully get some work done mod-wise. The Atris skin will be either recovered or remade, and i'll hopefully get a few more of those Jedi Knight hilts made as well.

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