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I've recently done a fresh install of TSL, and i'm now using a brand new mod configuration which i'm happy with.

The mods i'm using now are:

Combat Suit Uniforms by RedRob

Disciple Reskin by Me

Final Touch by Oldflash

(I'm only using the lightsaber models. I'm not using the green lightsaber model Oldflash made with this mod however, I replaced it with the Luke Skywalker RotJ hilt he included in his hilt replacement pack instead).

Kreia Hood Down by Shem

Playable Dopak by Shem
(I've replaced the clothing skin that Shem made with a different skin by 90SK. This is the one Shem included:

The one I replaced it with is the one on the top left here:

It goes better with Dopak's appearance, I feel).

Realistic Nar Shaddaa Skybox by Sharen Thrawn

Svosh's Robe Collar Fix by Svosh (duh)

Sith Armour by Shem

Super Skip Peragus by SuperSquall (Yeah, I hate Peragus ).

Visas Marr Reskin by Me


All these mods can be found on KotORFiles.

(Except svosh's, and my own two that is. I haven't uploaded mine there yet.
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