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Haha, I too have a high-powered rig at home, and a typical laptop. Nonetheless, I hate netbooks. Lame excuses for laptops. I don't care how portable and cheap they are, they suck.


Mostly the lack of dual-core CPUs in netbooks, the lack of GPUs, and the really, really ****ty resolutions of the super small screens suck. I won't settle for anything less than 1920x1080, which makes me hate my laptop at a ****ty 1680x1050. Home rig is at 1920x1200.

Oh, and this adds another irrational hate to the list:

- 720p. That's it. It's not true HD, so don't ****ing call it so. Also, I can EASILY tell the difference between 720p and 1080p, regardless of if I'm one foot in front of the screen or 10 (this may be that we've never had a super-low-resolution computer monitor in our house for the past...12 years or so, and the lowest resolution monitor I can remember is 1280x1024). That's a bunch of baloney, designed to not let the people who had to settle for 720p feel bad. 720p is extremely low-resolution and fail. I refuse to own any 720p videos.

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