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Originally Posted by TiE23 View Post
There is a time and a place for performance and a time and a place for simplicity and portability. Now I can cover both fields. On the other hand, can your laptop take up less space than a hard-cover text book?

Because I don't have problems with it on my Netbook. Besides, the XP install was bloated and ugly as hell... And when I see THIS, an emotional wash of bad memories wash over me.

Oh, that and I did it for kicks, having to use a thumb drive to do it for the lulz.

I no longer understand the Vista haters anymore. I mean, the first year sucked all to hell with incompatibility issues and all, and I certainly experienced them firsthand, but now it's a solid platform in my opinion. The UI over XP is worth small hit in performance... you know, from crappy-underpowered with XP to underpowered-crap with Vista (on a Netbook).

Hey, hey, this is supposed to be about irrational dislikes. Away with your logic. I stand by my netbook-hating.


And I gotta' agree, I got sick of the Vista bashing, after some fixes, it got pretty decent. However, now I view Vista as ****ty after using Windows 7. It's like...a good Microsoft OS. Kinda' rare, heard the world is coming to a close if such things are to exist.


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