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Por favor

Originally Posted by urluckyday View Post
Let me paraphrase and are you talking about?
do i need to draw it or spell it out for you? and which part you don't understand?

we need the GRIM.TAB files of the Russian, Italian and French version of Grim Fandango(we have the English, Spanish and German version already) to calculate a unique sum, that goes by the name MD5, of the first 5000 bytes of the file, which would be used for game detection in Residual, the 3d adventure game reimplementation project.

the sum can be calculated with a little program, MD5deep, by using the command line, which can be accessed in Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt, or CTRL+R and type in "cmd".

M5deep can be extracted where the GRIM.TAB file is located and in the command prompt, in that case run with the following line:

md5deep -p 5000 GRIM.TAB | find /i "offset 0-5000"

As a result you will get a 32 character long mix of lower case letters and numbers, aka MD5 hash value (unique for every data, even changing a bit, can change the value of the whole MD5 completely, so it's used for file verification, thus excellent for game detection). This is what we need, and it would be appreciated if you posted the MD5 hash or send the private message with the GRIM.TAB of the localized version avoiding the whole above process.


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