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Originally Posted by True_Avery View Post
So, like some kind of theoretical super equal?
I guess... Not sure how he could think it's wrong not to treat them as equals yet still feel it's ok to not treat them as equals in all areas. Seems just flat out strange...

Only justification I can even think of to justify the anti marriage movement is that Marriage is also a religious notion. But so long as marriage is recognized by the government, that defense goes out the window(establishment clause).

It may just be how the argument for the unconstitutionality was phrased rather than as a discrimination case. Still... just hypocritical of him.

Note: I'm not gay. I do not like homosexuality. I actually find it disgusting and an abomination(sorry TA, that's just how I feel). But that doesn't mean that I think they should not be treated fairly under the law. We don't keep obscenely obese people from getting married. Just because it's "not right" doesn't mean that it should be used as a reason to discriminate against them.

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