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Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
Note: I'm not gay. I do not like homosexuality. I actually find it disgusting and an abomination(sorry TA, that's just how I feel).
I can't and wont try to convince you otherwise on the disgusting part. I find straight sex to be fairly disgusting (probably not at the level you dislike homosexuality, but up there), so it really comes down to orientation. You're straight, and trying to "convert" you or other nonsense would be naive and counter productive. I, personally, find the thought of male/male sex to be about as disgusting as straight sex, so I can at least relate to your feelings on the matter even though I have gay friends.

However, the abomination part I have a problem with depending on the definition. If by abomination you mean something disgusting and so on, then see above. If you mean abomination in the new age sense of "unnatural", then I'd have to point out that is happens naturally among many species.

Most animals are irrelevant (rats, dogs, and so on) as their sex is entirely instinct based and with lack of a mate will turn on their own gender to basically ease their hormones and programming. For social animals who have play/social sex (like humans, monkeys, apes, a few others) there is plenty of evidence to suggest that sexual orientation is not black and white in the make-up of our brains.

The Bonobo for example, our closest genetic relative:

With just complete homosexuals (which, I will admit, are not all that common), you have bisexuals, bi-curious, transsexual, third gender (which I transcribe to over "lesbianism" as I neither truly identify with either gender to categorize myself on a gender level, as I can identify and sort of think as both and neither), asexual, omnisexual (a very interesting orientation that a friend of mine is), and the like, dozen or so others known and unknown.

While I cannot and will not try to convince you otherwise on the disgusting half, as that is how you were born and I respect that, I do hope that you would hopefully not see it as an abomination in the unnatural sense and hate people for something that is, often, out of their control (although that is arguable in some cases, but I'd save that for a PM if you'd be at all interested. Just a thought, as saying more would be off-topic a little).

I normally disagree heavily on the notion that Humans are not animals, but if I had to pick one idea that that put animals of higher intelligence (dolphins, great apes, humans, certain monkeys, etc) into a different category, it would be their ability to have social sex, and their ability to love. Love is, by all means, a new and interesting addition to the world of procreation and has opened a lot of doors for animals of higher development like humans, for better or for worse. Things aren't as strictly black and white as they are with animals of lower brain function, and in Humans its escalated into dozens of fetishes, orientations, and so on to the point that sex is more of a psychological undertaking than for procreation.

Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
But that doesn't mean that I think they should not be treated fairly under the law. We don't keep obscenely obese people from getting married. Just because it's "not right" doesn't mean that it should be used as a reason to discriminate against them.
You find me disgusting, vile, and possibly bordering on hatred of my existence and yet you're still up for saying that.

Wish more people were like you. I respect your honesty, and respect that you didn't hide your genuine disgust with some religious excuse.

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