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Originally Posted by Maveritchell View Post
I simply don't see what there is to complain about if you're not interested in a portable game. The whining is just for the sake of posting about something.

The fact it's obviously not a side-by-side brings the suspicion that any SWBFIII will be delayed, even if it's in the works. And the fact you're whining about our apparent whining (which is a discussion) is even more disappointing, if you are indeed correct.

I'm willing to back it up with examples, if you want. I'm not out to slander you (or more correctly libel), I'm pointing out what I see as a disappointment - you drive away any potential new posters by acting like jerks by and large and then complain that there's nothing going on. I could have posted something to that effect in almost any thread updated recently but chose to point it out in this one simply because it was the most apparent here.

May I some some of the examples you speak of? That's a very presumptuous image you have painted of the posters here. We're all the same, apparently... Then why don't you go ahead and post in every thread? I think that would get better results than a post here and there. Doesn't make much of a point, but rather insulting in that method.

Don't play the hurt card. "How dare he insult us," when in fact I'm not calling you names any more than "bitter" and this is the same kind of treatment you dish out in spades to a lot of new posters. Don't dish it out if you're unwilling to take it. Or even better, if you don't have anything constructive to say, don't say it at all. The idea that "oh we'll bash all the newbies and that'll straighten 'em right out" - which I've seen written almost verbatim - is a terrible idea and a personal disappointment. That's why I point it out, because I think you're only hurting yourselves and I want to help.

I don't play cards, so no thank you. I didn't say "how dare" nothing... I don't insult anyone here. Your assumption of this brings more offence to what you're saying. Kindly provide me a quote of myself doing this. If you have nothing good to say, then why are you posting here insulting us while we discuss what we find undesirable about the new game?

Who is bashing "newbies"?... And how is that even relevant? You're not helping by creating a debate, I must say. It's just insulting and hostile.
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Originally Posted by bokkenblader56 View Post
Jhredmo himself was a newbie that we didn't drive away due to his apparent knowledge of forum etiquette. I do not remember whether or not he actually did resurrect any threads or not, but I am sure that we did criticize him. He took that criticism with a grain of salt, improved, and has thus far contributed to the community.

Yes, I've been a newbie for a while now. I still have yet to grow out of this phase. I have some understanding in how to conduct myself, and I have resurrected a thread last week (it was the most recent topic and I thought it was new. I did delete my posts, though, and yes, I was criticized). I learn from my mistakes and grow from them. I am proud to continue learning from others and myself. Thank you.

I appreciate that your comments, although taken offensively, were made in neutrality. You have to understand that we cannot properly moderate these forums. On GameToast, you have a very effective method: simply lock the topics. However, nobody cares about these forums anymore, so we simply lock the topics with comments that are both sarcastic and facetious. Topics being locked, albeit crudely, it is up to the newbies whether or not to continue.

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