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Originally Posted by LordJhredmo View Post
My replies are in red.


Listen, fella. I have no desire to roll around in the muck that is e-debate. This isn't about you personally (you seem to be a courteous poster when you're not ruffling your feathers) but it is about what I see on the board (acknowledged in the posts above and below yours).

I'm not going to tell you [this is the impersonal you, just for clarification ] how to treat people or whether or not you're allowed to whine about most things, I do not have that happy privilege here. I think you're doing more harm than good and whatever your justifications are I don't think they're worth it. If a forum's inactive, it might be best to just let it be. If needs arise for it the crap'll get cleaned out pretty quick.

But I won't wax counselor anymore, I'm not gonna believe that I have one whit of control over how anyone else thinks - I'm just trying to look out for you.


As far as the game itself goes, I could care less how the story develops at this point. I don't expect any sort of story out of an action-shooter as long as it's done well. In fact I really don't care what the name "Battlefront" is plastered on as long as the game is fun - it could be an RPG, an action game, whatever.

I'll admit that the story sounds pretty rough, though. Inevitably it's going to play out like any number of stories sandwiched in a time that already has beginning and end plotted - a zero-sum story (both characters will end up killing each other "canonically" or some such nonsense).
So Mav, look forward to TFU: Elite Squadron
To be honest I would if that were the game. I'm not going to get hung up on what it's called.
Good, lets destroy Star Wars Cannon even more by giving clones lightsabers
Now, they didn't say that - be fair now. They could add a Jedi class and not "destroy" anything - although I must admit the loathing some have for melee units in a shooter game baffles me.

I'll be the first to admit if a game ends up disappointing me. But I've had experiences where I haven't been looking forward to a game and then tried it to my delight (and of course the inverse). Because of those I'm not willing to toss a game in the bin until I've given it a fair shake - and no one in this thread seems to be willing to give it that. Just playing devil's advocate.
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