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Originally Posted by shukrallah View Post
How about Shadows of the Empire?
Agreed. In fact I wonder if there couldn't be a mod made for JO or JA to re enact this whole game. A well made mod.

Originally Posted by Paelon_Veers View Post
Rebel Assault I
Good choice.

Originally Posted by 90SK View Post
I wonder just how long this thing will last? I place my bet on two more years before a passing s-mod ends it.
Hmm. It's been longer than that and it hasn't been closed.

Originally Posted by Jamps View Post
EP1: The Phantom Menace.

I wish they would remake some of their older games. (I like the classic forums, even though about 4-5 people regularly visit.)
TPM could also be imitated or emulated by the more recent games via a mod.
No porting, just a well made mod.

Originally Posted by Murray the Chao View Post
No reason why we couldn't have had the Super Star Wars Trilogy on the GBA.
Now *that* would be interesting.

Originally Posted by TripHammer View Post
I'd like to see the old arcade games on PC. The arcade cabinet games came out when the movies came out. I loved playing those games. The old Star Wars game that looked like a Star Wars version of Battlezone, there was a Return of the Jedi Game, among others. Good stuff.
I'd like the arcade trilogy game and all the old 70's arcade SW games as well.

Originally Posted by LordOfTheFish View Post
Power Battles was such a good game.I would love to see what they could with it now!
Which one was that?

I know there was a Masters of Teras Khasi Street Fighter esque game.

I think games like that could be so well redone with the M.U.G.E.N. engine--as a matter of fact I think mugen hackers have already set off to work on it.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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