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Originally Posted by EnderWiggin View Post
2. Discuss the overwhelming evidence that proves the bible is not a text that can be taken word for word literally as truth, which should allow the ideas of faith and evolution to cohere and form one belief for you (as it has for me).

Since option 2 is how I feel right now, try investigating the original hebrew text. The word in hebrew is not 'day' but 'yowm' which could be translated into 'day' 'era' 'age' or 'time'. Thus, it took God 6 "eras" or 6 "ages" to create the earth and on the 7th, he rested.

This site, while obviously biased, discusses this point:
Another, which is obviously a faith-based site, reiterating the possible usage as "time period":

Okay, makes sense....we have the word 'yowm' where is the overwhelming evidence...
Originally Posted by Achilles
There are multiple branches of science which have accumulated an overwhelming amount of corroborating evidence which would tend to lead right-thinking people to a different conclusion.
Was that really necessary?

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